Busby Seo Challenge official

Busby Seo Challenge official

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vendredi, juin 20, 2008

Busby seo challenge

In live of Busby seo challenge
Today, we receive Papillon, another member of the team seosphere, which participates in seo contest :

Busby SEO Challenge.Butterfly busby seo challenge

Sphere Team : Hello Papillon,

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Busby Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) World Cup announced " Busby seo challenge " key phrase contest on 1st June 2008 and winner will be announced on 31st August 2008, 12:00 midday, Perth, Western Australia.
This competition is for SEO Specialists, Guru’s, Masters, Authorities, Hot Shots and Aces (and anyone else who thinks they may have a shot at the pot) to take part in Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation World Cup.
Prices Announced as
First Prize $5,000
Second Prize $2,000
Third Prize $5,00
We wish Best Luck to all the Participants of Busby seo challenge
We are also Participated in this Busby SEO Challenge Contest and We request to all visitors that give us Your Best Wishes for this SEO Challenge

dimanche, avril 15, 2007

Globalwarming awareness2007 : the keyword of competitor

Globalwarming awareness2007 : the keyword of competitor
Which are the key words of the sites on first page of google, a small outline of some concurents globalwarming awareness2007
1 - http://www.eglobalwarmingawareness2007.com/ redirects result month better running position search content contest stars second couple strange jumpy domains there about leader board going indexed article against warming believe results would google something global happen stable seems should incredible pages least comments fever again resources yahoo great actually awareness2007 after reaching globalwarming weeks awareness
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What finds on this site of globalwarming awareness2007

In first the rules of the concours globalwarming awareness2007 globalwarming-awareness2007

And an article of globalwarming by seoworldchampionship

without forgetting to read the kyoto protocol
in frenchtaskforce you will see the banners of French competitor
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President Bush Discusses Global Climate Change

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I’ve just met with senior members of my administration who are working to develop an effective and science-based approach to addressing the important issues of global climate change. President Bush makes a statement about global climate change on Monday, June 11 at the White House.This is an issue that I know is very important to the nations of Europe, which I will be visiting for the first time as President. The earth’s well-being is also an issue important to America. And it’s an issue that should be important to every nation in every part of our world.
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1 : Globalwarming awareness2007

Globalwarming awareness2007
Here is my latest missive from my personal essays entitled “Earth Meanders“: Climate change (Globalwarming awareness2007 )is the collapse of the global atmospheric system’s processes and patterns and represents a massive environmental challenge to maintaining a habitable Earth. Yet climate is but one of several planetary scale ecological crises that threaten existence and are occurring now concurrently. While climate change (Globalwarming awareness2007 )
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globalwarming awareness2007 and youtube

global warming (globalwarming awareness2007) solutions

We have the technology and ingenuity to reduce the threat of global warming globalwarming awareness2007 today. Solutions are already available that will stimulate the American economy by creating jobs, saving consumers money, and protecting our national security. By investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and increasing the efficiency of the cars we drive, we can take essential steps toward reducing our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels that cause global warming (globalwarming awareness2007).
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jeudi, avril 05, 2007

globalwarming awareness2007

ben voila le classement bouge un peu grace a yahoo

ce matin ça bouge un max

voici en brut le classement des français

1er (6eme) jan avec son http://globalwarming-awareness2007.isabloodycloaker.com
2eme (13eme) le retour de crazy avec son http://www.global-pink-hat-warming.org.uk
3eme (15eme) ma pomme avec mon http://www.contest-seo.com
4eme (19eme) tiger avec son http://www.global-warming-awareness2007.org
5eme (22eme) tom_sawyer avec son http://www.championcheap.com
6eme (23eme) sylvain et son http://www.spoonylife.com
7eme (28eme) Pagetronic => http://www.big-globalwarming-awareness2007.com

les suivants n'ayant pas de points

la donne change il faut continuer les efforts


mercredi, avril 04, 2007

score globalwarming awareness2007

SEO World Championship
Welcome to the first annual SEO World Championship. We are launching this competition with the intention of starting a new tradition within the Search Engine Optimization field. SEO is one of the fastest growing Internet media channels today. Our objective is to highlight the advantages of SEO surrounding the advertising community and help sustain the technical development within optimization. The main challenge of this contest is for a website to rank as high as possible on the organic search engine results on all 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN). We will determine the winner based on an average ranking between the selected search engines. Click here for more information .

The Keyphrase to optimize for is “globalwarming awareness2007″. The target is to rank as high as possible on all three major search engines Google , Yahoo and MSN . Keyword was announced 2007-01-15 13.00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). With your help we will advance Search Engine Marketing technology and knowledge while using SEO as an educational tool.

Together we can make a difference. Please read more and find out how you can help the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 project.

Prizes SEO World Championship To qualify for a prize we must follow the official rules for globalwarming awareness2007 SEO World Championship.* Prizes listing: 1st prize: A brand new Citroen C2. The winner will receive a new Citroen c2 from the closest local car dealer.
* 2nd prize: A Caribbean Cruise. The winner will recieve travel checks.
* 3rd prize A plasma tv
* 4′th prize $500
* 5′th prize $100

1er Jan => http://globalwarming-awareness2007.isabloodycloaker.com
2eme => tiger http://www.global-warming-awareness2007.org
3eme => sylvain http://www.spoonylife.com
4eme Tom_sawyer => http://www.championcheap.com


Is to rank as high as possible on all three major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. The keyword selected for the SEO world Championship Keyword globalwarming awareness2007 was announced 2007-01-15 13.00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). For every contestant that enrols , Eastpoint Group will donate a specific sum to the Red Cross organization.Articles
first again on google The 21 January 2007 We are now first again on google keyword, but for how long … is a hard SEO contest, there are a lot of participants as we can see on the SERPs Google : 653,000 results for globalwarming awareness2007 Yahoo : 155,000 results for MSN : 270 results As you can see MSN is like a turtleGoogle supplemental result
The 19 January 2007 website is coming back again on google but it is now on supplemental results and the google cache date is 15 Janv. 20:51:32 GMT (first indexation). I think google has received too many webpages in few days, wait for next days… See screenshots below.Disappear from google
The 19 January 2007 SEO Our site has totally disappear from google, neither le command \u201csite:\u201d or \u201cinfo:\u201d find any results. A lot of other webpages have been drop out from the google\u2019s index, and new ones have taken their positions. There are now about 229,000 results on google, so google has a big job to rearrange those results and integrate them on his index. I think he is processing step by step. Just wait… Hope tomorrow night, all becomes to normal again and we reach the firststatistics
The 18 January 2007 News This is the third day in this SEO contest, yesterday our website receives 537 visits, today we have now 818 visits, how this is possible ? Google has spidered us very quickly and then we enter in SERPs at 14 th position and now we are first. It means that a lot of people click on first result, but this is a particular case, because it is a seo contest, so, seo competitors want to explore the html code of the website, they come again and again until an other website takes first position onGoogle updates the serp
The 18 January 2007 SEO Google updates the serp each day and there are now 79000 results ,Can we try to evaluate how many results will appear at the end of this SEO Contest. I want to say 1,279,000 results for the keyword on May 1st, 2007, and you ? You can answer below…Become a friend and get a link from
The 18 January 2007 SEO If you\u2019d like to link back , please copy the code below then contact us and I\u2019ll add a backlink to your We only accept sites with same thematic : globalwarming awareness2007rank
The 18 January 2007 SEO Our “globalwarming awareness2007″ website is first on google since yesterday, we will try to reach the top on yahoo and MSN also. We have to write more content about “global warming”, it is an important subject, we all know that this SEO contest will parasite real results. keyword it will be better to choose a keyword that means nothing. See below a screenshot with today\u2019s ranks on SEO Worldfirst results on Google, Yahoo and MSN
The 18 January 2007 SEO website has reached the first position on Google, we were at rank 14 for the first indexation, and now we join the top, good thing… Yahoo and MSN Live have also updated their results website is not ranked yet on those search engines. Here is a screenshot of google results.score card
The 17 January 2007 SEO The Organizers have build a tool to follow the rankings of the SEO World Championship. The score is calculated by combining the total points from the 3 search engines Google.com, Msn.com and Yahoo.com. Visit webpage : http://www.seoworldchampionship.com/leaderboard/updated results
The 17 January 2007 SEO Google just updated the serp and there are 12700 results for the contest keywords within a day. Google has indexed new websites very quickly for a new keyword. There are different type of results which include 75% old websites and 25% new websites. Yahoo is the first engine to update results, 144 websites appears in this fisrt update. Now the last search engine which this contest takes in account is the MSN which is yet to berules
The 17 January 2007 SEO You must display either a link or banner on your website in order to participate in the competition organized by SEO World Championship. You must build your site on a new domain, registred after 15, jan 2007 (to ensure the competition is fair). Another rule to keep the contest fair is that no blackhat tactics are to be used. You must follow the Google webmaster guidelines on your website. Contact information like email must beDay
The 16 January 2007 SEO On February 16, 2005 the human race starts to face up to its responsibility for anthropogenic climate change by putting into effect the Kyoto Treaty. Unfortunately, the leaders of United States have chosen not to participate. We, the people of this country, have to raise our voices and demand responsible and effective leadership from our government. We should declare February 16, 2005 National Day and call on our government to address this issue as a topPrivacy Policy
The 15 January 2007 SEO Thanks for visiting website and reviewing our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is plain and simple. We collect NO personal information, like names or addresses, when you visit our website. If you choose to provide that information to us, it\u2019s only used to fulfill your request for information. Questions Regarding Privacy If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, our privacy practices, or your dealings with us, please contact us by writingSEO Championship 2007
The 15 January 2007 News \u201cglobalwarming awareness2007\u2033 We wish all contestants good luck! Best regards, … Registered the domain and expect it to be active sometime tomorrow.SEO World Championship 2007
The 15 January 2007 News The target is to rank as high as possible on all three major search engines Google , Yahoo and MSN . Keyword was announced 2007-01-15 13.00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Global warming at the extremes of the earth: Habitats and cultures everywhere react to climate's rapid changes

pas dans les points
5eme Byjov => http://www.seocontest-globalwarming-awareness2007.com
6eme Gwaradenn => http://www.globalwarming-awareness2k7.info
7eme Eclipsis => http://globalwarming-awareness2007.brutalwoods.net
8eme Salemioche => http://www.swc-2007.com
9eme Williams => http://www.contest-seo.com
10eme LOKI => http://earth-globalwarming-awareness2007.com
11eme Saternius => http://www.pink-globalwarming-awareness2007.com

lundi, janvier 29, 2007

globalwarming awareness2007 : the williams web site

globalwarming awareness2007 by williamseam seosphere

globalwarming awareness2007 FTF

globalwarming awareness2007 chocoku land

globalwarming awareness2007 SPHT

Present the web site of williams

globalwarming awareness2007 @ williamsGlobalWarming Awareness2007

Globalwarming Awareness2007 is the site of williams for participate at Seo World Contest. We hope that with globalwarming awareness2007 we will arrive somewhere in seo contest.

On May 1st, 2007 we will make a search for “the keyword” on Google.com, MSN.com and Yahoo.com and combine the scores and subsequently determine a winner. The score is calculated by giving points to position 1 - 10 in each search engine. You will receive 10 points for a number one spot, and 1 point for a number 10 spot.

lundi, janvier 22, 2007

globalwarming awareness2007

voici les deux sites de williams qui présente le seo world championship avec comme keyphrase globalwarming awareness2007

globalwarming awareness2007


globalwarming awareness2007

Bonne chance et prochainement la déscription des deux sites

samedi, juin 24, 2006

cobraoupouaout ce classe dans yahoo


cobraoupouaout le concours cobraoupouaout
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cobraoupouaout de Ced'
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cobraoupouaout test de cobraoupouaout jaune vert
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